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About AcezStar

I'm Acez i dont sugarcoat im bluntly honest and up front and down to the point..

Tools: Cards
Abilities: Clairvoyant, Dream analyst, Empath
Expertise: Money/finance, Love/relationships, Destiny/life path
Style: Straightforward
No Sugar coating Honest answers.
I'm a Tarot card reader.. I do tarot cards and oracle cards..
I'm a empath Intuitive and Dream walker..
Please tell me before you take me into Private PLease!!!
****TOOLS USED**** !!!!
.Wisdom Oracle Deck
Pendulums and charts
Me, Myself, and I im a empath
many more
... I have been doing Tarot for awhile now and my gifts were past down on to me from my grandmother. she was very gifted and has gifted me as well.. .
I have always knew i was different from the time i was a young kid i was in a car crash when i was younger and ever since i was about to tell when things would happen or when things weren't right.. i would feel it and i would see things in my dreams and then it would happen in real life.. Being a empath i can feel others emotions around me and how they are feeling and can feel before they even know it...
I'm a intuitive and i can give you insight on things .. Im still coming into my gifts just like everyone.. but i will do my best to enlighten everyone's life i come across.. ..Think it believe it receive it
I can give insight on Love Career and LIfe. I guide persons into right direction
I hope to guide you in the right direction.


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loveangel Inspirational Jós

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19 years experience

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I was born with the Gift to see the future and been a Psychic and a Spiritual advisor professionally for few years now. I have 12 year experience of psychic reading. My expertise and skill proves to be very productive and healthy for other people. My insight powers and spiritual skills are giving me a superior encouragement to see all in fortune.

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spirtualpower Inspirational Jós

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14 years experience

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TruthAndLight Inspirational Jós

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17 years experience


I am blessed with the God Gift and have the experience of almost 15 years helping people who have enlightened their path through this service of mine. Please contact me with an open mind so I can connect with your energy. Life is too short and let us not waste the time on false hopes and promises.

I use my gifts to empower your guides to help you make the correct choices regarding your soulmate and relationship. I have helped thousands of people reuniting with their Lovers with my spiritual gifts and powerful prayers. I can give you names, locations and time frames with a very little information by your side. I the course of my psychic practice, I have read for the doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc and I am here to Unlock your future in Love, Wealth and Happiness.


I am a Psychic with a vision into the future using my natural tools and I have a vast experience with numerous satisfied clients all across the world.

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AngelicGuidance No tools Jós

only 0.99 credits/min

8 years experience


I also connect with my own Higher Self to bring my clients powerful spiritual guidance. I have had years of experience connecting with my most intuitive self to bring forth angelic messages and guidance. By developing and harnessing the power and wisdom to be had through this connection, I am able to guide my clients to their own inner wisdom and divine selves. I emphasize the personal power that is to be found in all of our spiritual centers. I offer my clients the specific guidance from their Angels that will help them become more self- empowered. 
I am also a Kundalini Reiki Master and can offer the added benefit of sending loving, healing energy to my clients to support them and augment their spiritual experience.
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Giovanna Gypsy Cards Jós

only 0.99 credits/min

43 years experience


I give Psychic Readings, Reiki Healing & Instruction with Empathy, Love, Understanding, Sincerity & Compassion!
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Jan Mystique Inspirational Jós

only 0.99 credits/min

21 years experience


"I love what I do and you will too!" A naturally gifted psychic, clairvoyant and clairsentient with years of experience, Jan will help guide you.