Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a leading worldwide esoteric brand. On the website can you connect with some of the World’s most renowned Psychics. gives its members daily help and advice according to their lives. Our advice is personalized to every member. We offer free chat to everyone who visits our site and unlimited free chat to our members. In that way can you build a knowledge of our psychics. Members can also ask for a private reading with a choosen psychic. In this case you have the opportunity for a two-way video chat.

What is free chat and private reading?

Psychics can choose free chat or private readings only. Psychics marked with a FREE CHAT button can be seen, heard, and text by any Visitors for free. Our members can use the free chat without any time limit, other visitors can use the service up to 10 minutes. Psychics marked with ONLINE button can be called for a private reading only.

Psychics marked with a BUSY NOW button are in a private reading at the moment and cannot be contacted at the present time. Private readings are designed to be a conveniant and intimate place for the Member to get his/her personal reading. In private readings Members can optionally be seen and heard by the psychic.

How does the free chat work?

The Visitors only have to click on the FREE CHAT button on one of our Psychics box, and can watch and listen to the chosen one. If there is a question for the Psychic, type in the field on the bottom and click on the SEND button. The visitor needs to register to become a Member, who has a unique username and has the opportunity to an unlimited free chat or for a private reading.

How to get a private reading?

Our Visitors must register a Member account to have a private reading. After log in with that account click on the BUY CREDITS button on the top-right corner or under the chat of a Psychic. Credit packages can be bought from 19.99 up to 99.99. The credits can be used on a pay-per-minute basis, that ranges from 0.99 to 9.99, depending on the given Psychic. VISA, Mastercard and all the major payment options can be used within our safe and secure system.

How does the private reading work?

After the Member has purchased Credits click on the START PRIVATE READING button on a given Psychic’s profile. In the private reading the member can watch and listen to the Psyhic. Besides typing to the psychic the member can also turn his/hers camera and/or microphone on.


How do I know when my favorite is online?

Either you can add a Psychic to your Favorites list by clicking on the heart icon on the top of a Psychic’s profile, or to mark the Notify me when this Psychic comes online box on the profile page as well. You will be notified by a message sent to your e-mail address if the selected Psychic comes online everytime.

How can I rate a psychic?

You can leave a rating right after a private reading or on the Psychic’s profile page if you had a private reading previously. You can rate the Psychic by giving him/her stars from 1 to 5, and you have the oppportunity to write a testimonial which will be visible on the Psychic’s profile later.

Member functions

How to register as a member?

Registering as a Member takes only a minute and is free of charge. Please click on the REGISTER FOR FREE button in the top-right corner or in the Free chat. Provide a username, password, an e-mail address, and fill out your profile.

What if I can't login as a member?

Please click HERE to get a new password or click on the Forget password link on the Login page. If you experience other login issues, contact us by clicking HERE.

How to change password?

Please click HERE to get a new password or click on the Change password link under your Account settings menu. If you experience other login issues, contact us by clicking HERE.

How to change the e-mail address used during the registration?

Please click HERE to change your registered e-mail address or use the wrench icon in the top-right corner.

How can I unsubscribe from mailing lists?

Check the sent messages for the UNSUBSCRIBE link or contact us by clicking HERE. You have the chance to set which newsletter you want to receive under your Account settings menu.

How can I cancel my member account?

Please contact us from your registered e-mail address by clicking HERE.

Credit Purchase

How do I buy credits?

At the end of the registration process you have the chance to purchase Credits immediately. Besides after you registered a Member account, please click on the ADD CREDITS button in the top-right corner. has highly secure payment systems with encrypted connection (HTTPS), SSL coding, verified by VISA, Mastercard and Verisign.

What to do if I have an unsuccessful credit purchase?

First please check your registered e-mail address and answer the message you got from our billing company. If didn’t get a message, contact us by clicking HERE.

How do I check my credit balance?

You can view your Account balance under the Account balance menu or click simply the Account balance icon in the top-right corner. Please click HERE to check your credit balance or use the money icon in the top-right corner.

How can I change my payment option?

You can change it under the Payment settings/option menu under your personal Account. Please click HERE to change your payment option or use the money icon in the top-right corner.

Technical Help

What can I do if I can’t see the camera picture?

You need to install the latest Flash Player by clicking HERE

What to do with general errors?

If you experience an unusual bug on the website, then we advise you to clear your browser’s cache and cookie (note that this will erase your stored passwords and other user data).

How to enable your camera and/or microphone in a private reading?

You may would enable your camera and/or microphone by clicking on the MY MICROPHONE or MY CAMERA button while you are in the private reading. When the Flash Player’s window appears, check the ALLOW box and accept it.

Please make sure that you have your camera plugged, installed, no other applications are using it, and you have the latest Flash Player installed from HERE.