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About Medium Maria

Let A Sign From The Angels Bring You Directly To Me

Tools: Cards
Abilities: Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Medium, Empath
Expertise: Deceased loved ones, Love/relationships, Career/work
Style: Inspirational
Tools: Runes, Tarot Card, Angel Cards, Flame, Scrying, Ouija Board, Picture, Name, Hair, and Past Lives Readings.
Abilities: Expert Spiritual Medium, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empathic, Remote Viewer. 
"Born Into Spirituality"
Maria's gifts were passed down to her, the day her grandmother passed away twenty years ago.  Realizing this, her abilities began to enchance more and more! Until Maria found her self into the spiritual world. An Angel came to Maria in the middle of the night, floating above ground. This angel was very loving, and welcomed Maria with embracing arms. She told Maria to use her gifts to help people, that they will need her help.. Maria as a child did not believe this, and years later, the same exact angel appeared to Maria. Repeating the same thing.. But Maria was undergoing a lot from the spiritual world. Demons were telling Maria to do things, very bad things. When she would not do them, the demons from the dark side would belittle her, torture her verbally, and showing her very explicit things.. Maria always believed that she was cursed with these abilities. Because of the bad demons that were taunting her.  She did not know what to do, by the age of 15 Maria tried to commit suicide  numerous of times, because the demons will tell her to. Greatly Maria did not go through it because as she was about to commit suicide she heard a male voice, saying "Don't Do This, You Need To Live. It's Not Your Time My Child"...  
Till this day Maria wonders about the voice that talked her out of it. She knew it was the voice of Jesus.. Later on as  when Maria reached eighteen, she started to develop more and more of her abilities and would tell people things that would happen to them, that did.. Maria is no psychic, well does not like to call herself that. She works with the Angels, and For The Angels.  The older Maria became the more expericenced she started to become. No person in the "Physical  Person" has helped her. Maria has not Read any "Spiritual Books"..  Her Angels taught her everything... "No one could teach you, but the angels"; states Maria.. 
What are you abilities Maria?  
" I suppose I could say I have MOSTLY,  MOSTLY all the abilities in the spiritual world but not quite all of them.. Because in the spiritual world you are always learning you are always growing, always experiencing things, and you are always a student to learn so much.  Everyone is gifted differently, everyone can learn faster in the spiritual world, and some it takes time.  Depending on the reader and their connection to their client then it is an Open Book, their energies start to flow within you, and you are just an open door, with so much information. It is just a beautiful feeling.. But if a reader doesn't connect with a client, then that isn't the end of the world. It's just that the reader is not meant to give that client information at the time. I mean in the spiritual world there are Rules, even if you are in the physical world. But being in the physical world and having that amazing opportunity to be in the spiritual world is a "BLESSING".. You can't get enough of it. But  as I was saying there are certain rules to abide by. You must respect them..... If you don't well don't make me tell you...  I love working for/with the Angels. I do also contact deceased loved ones, I could do a lot of things... And thanks to the God & The Angels I am blessed with this amazing gift. Yes it is scary, but 99 percent of the time it is just the amazing gift... I love giving honest, accurate readings,  but other than that I am here for everyone... I may connect with you, I may not. But at the end of the day I've helped the people I was suppose too"....
So if you loved Maria's story and very interested seeing her abilities please enter the free chat, guest please resigter because once you go in the chat room will def, want a private with MARIA. Please be positive, open-minded and honest for a reading with Maria.. Please be an active typer so Maria is able to feel your energy, and pick messages up for you.. Other than that have a great &   blessed day!!!


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I am a natural gifted psychic through blood. I come from a very long line of intuitive readers, I have over 15 years of experience. I am a very nice person, very kind hearted and understanding. I have been through so much in life. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. I continue to help others even if I cannot help myself.
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Let me help you receive clarification and guidance on your current situations:
RELATIONSHIPS: Same/Opposite Sex, Virtual 
FINANCES: Employment/Career 
TIME FRAMES: (can take up to 2 minutes for each time frame)
Does he/she love me? Does he/she think of me? Will we get back together? Is he/she cheating on me? Will I find a new job? Will my career path change?
Private me for clarification on these subjects. I can help you!
You can also Private me if you just need someone to talk too and not be interrupted or having others knowing your business in free chat.

I do use Tarot Cards and also use my gifts of intuition and insight as my tools. On occasion, I also use my pendulum as well (pendulum is connected to my spirit guide for yes/no answers.)
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I have a vast experience in issues like Love, Relationship, Career, Reunite, Business, Marriage, Sex, Health, Travel, Lost of pets and Soul mate issues. It is my vision to serve humanity through my God gifted knowledge. I experienced my gifts since the age of my childhood. I have powerful gifts that can bring amazing changes and enlightenment to the ones who visit me. I provide ethical, honest, reliable and accurate guidance. I am here with the power to fully understand your situation and I can easily give you the guidance that can help you have a clear vision of the different situations of your life. You have no reason to be alone or be confused or frustrated
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I am a born witch with innate abilities and I am also a wiccan priestess. I specialize is the Crowley Tarot, Dreamer Tarot, Gipsy card, Goddess card, Angel card and Witch's runes and the pendulum.